Lindi graduated from Paul Mitchell The School SD. Her work has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Nylon magazine, Entertainment Weekly, the runway, in feature films and in music videos. Her hair and makeup career grew into producing and art directing while living in Los Angeles. Collaborating with photographers who specialize in large format, Lindi was able to direct painting like scenes with erie timeless feeling.

 A Georgia native, Lindi is now back in the South collaborating with her community. In 2018 and then again in 2019, Lindi had the opportunity to Art Direct her first theater production, R+J Theory. This gave her the opportunity to hone her social media content creating  as well as work with stage design. Lindi was chosen by Columbus Museum to participate in making a sculptural wearable piece inspired by art in the museum. 

While in Columbus GA, Lindi also started up "Sketchy Situation". Hosted by a local community coffee shop, tables were covered with paper, art supplies provided, over 200 community members joined in to create and meet. Lindi has a true passion for community and creativity.

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To see the "Lone Palm" series in collaboration   with Andy Reaser please click here.

To see "Tales of Blue Yesterdays" in collaboration with Amadine Besacier please click here.

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